Flat Rock Bridge Family Camping
Policies and FAQ’s


We are here to provide a vacation spot for families. Where kids will have a ball, and mom & dad will be heroes for bringing the kids here to Flat Rock. Our staff is on hand 24 hours a day to ensure that you are comfortable and are able to enjoy your stay. We expect our guests to adhere to common rules of decency so not to infringe on each others right to have fun, feel safe, and to get a good nights sleep. The following is a list of policies and information that may help you as you plan your time with us.

Check-In / Check-Out

Check-in: 3 PM to 9 PM
Check Out: 11 AM
Early check-in may be possible depending on availability. There is no fee for early check-in.
There is a fee for late check out.

What can I put on my CAMPSITE?

  • A maximum of six occupants per RV site are permitted.
  • The maximum number of occupants on an accommodation site cannot exceed the maximum number of guests the unit can sleep.
  • You may have one free standing screen room or dining canopy (not to exceed 12' x 12') at our accommodations. We do not allow any camping tents at accommodations.
  • You must have camping equipment (designed specifically for camping) on your site. Absolutely no camping in vans or other vehicles. The maximum amount of equipment allowed on your site is 3 units, only one of which can be a trailer. The size of your camping equipment and the campsite may reduce the amount of equipment allowed.
  • Camping and parking is allowed in the cleared area of your site only. Maximum of one vehicle (car or truck) per site. Strictly enforced.
  • If you hang a string for drying towels, please remove it at check-out.

    Absolutely! We appreciate your enthusiasm for our themes and encourage all families to decorate their sites appropriately. Please do not nail into or paint our trees. Signs and decorations must be appropriate for our family audience and cannot disturb your neighbors. Radios, bright lights and/or blinking lights, and other noise must be kept at reasonable levels at all times. All decorations, including all strings and cords, must be removed at check-out.


  • Sites that have just 20amp electric service (all sites in the West, some in the North and East) do not provide you with enough power to safely use air conditioners and heaters. Your appliances may be damaged if used, and it will also effect the electric service provided to your neighbors.
  • We have upgraded all sites in the South, along with many sites in the North and East with 30 or 50amp service. If you need to use air conditioners or heaters, please reserve a site with 30 or 50amp electric.

  • Your holding tank must be EMPTY before using the sewer to hook-up your site.
  • Do not flush anything other than human waste and RV toilet paper. Our small septic systems can not handle other items.
  • Leave your gray water tank open at all times and dump the black water each night before you retire.
  • Vehicles & Parking

  • Only one vehicle may park at your campsite, per order of local Rescue Department.
  • You can have a second vehicle on the grounds at no additional fee, however it must park in the visitor parking lot.
  • Third vehicles registered to a site as part of the actual reservation will pay a $5 per night fee.
  • All vehicles must display a valid car tag, in a way so that the information can be easily viewed.
  • Vehicles that need to be used during quiet hours must park in the visitor parking lot so not to disturb your neighbors.
  • Can we bring our PETS?

  • A copy of the rabies vaccination is required to be provided at the time of check-in. All guests will be required to sign a pet agreement at the time of check-in.
  • There is no limit to the number of pets allowed on an RV site. There is no pet fee charged for pets on an RV site.
  • A maximum of two pets per pet-friendly accommodation per night are allowed. A $10 per day per pet fee will be applied to all reservations with pets.
  • Can we have CAMPFIRES?

  • Absolutely! Each site is equipped with a fire ring. Please do not alter these rings in any way.
  • All wood must be completely inside of the ring when burning.
  • Can I bring my own WOOD to burn?

  • Maine law states that no wood may be brought into the state unless it is certified to be bug free.
  • Transporting of infected wood into the State of Maine could result in a fine.
  • Please protect the healthy trees in Maine, and leave your wood at home.
  • Kiln dried hardwood, certified bug free, is available at our store.

    No fireworks of any kind are allowed in the campground, with the one exception being sparklers.

    What do we do with our TRASH?

  • Please place all household trash in the dumpsters at the entrance gates. Recycling is mandatory. No trash bags of any kind are allowed in the recycle dumpsters.
  • Large items such as lawn chairs, grills or appliances may not go in the dumpsters.
  • Sites requiring trash removal at check-out will be assessed a maintenance $25.00 fee.
  • Do the kids need to wear WRISTBANDS?

  • All guests registered will be issued a wristband which must be worn while on the grounds.
  • A lost wristband can be replaced by coming to the office.

  • A $10 fee, which includes the vehicle fee, will be charged per visitor.

  • All visitors must leave by 10 PM of the day they are visiting.
  • Visitors must not exceed the maximum number of guests allowed on a site.
  • What are the campground QUIET HOURS?

  • Our staff enforces the quiet hours from 11 PM to 7 AM.
  • Children must be on their site by 10:30 PM. Please be courteous to others.
  • Radios, pets, air horns, bright lights and/or blinking lights, and other noise must be kept at reasonable levels at all times.

    Speed limit in the campground, including driveways and the parking areas, is 5 MPH. Please keep our kids safe and drive slowly and cautiously!

    Can we use Motorized Scooters or a GOLF CART?

  • Golf carts are welcome!
  • ATV’s and mini bikes are not allowed.
  • Road legal motorcycles are restricted to directly entering and leaving the campground only.
  • A $10 per day fee will be charged for guest golf carts.
  • All guests must fill out a golf cart waiver for rental golf carts.
  • There is no fee for seasonal campers who wish to bring their own golf cart.
  • Does the campground have SECURITY GATES?

  • Yes. You may get an access key card at check-in with a $10 cash deposit.
  • Only one gate access key card per site.
  • The $10 deposit will be refunded when you return the gate access key card in good condition at check-out.
  • Gate access key cards only work for the side of the campground you are staying on.
  • During quiet hours, access to and from the campground is for emergencies only. All others must use the visitor parking lot.
  • What is your policy on ALCOHOL and SMOKING?

  • Alcohol may be responsibly consumed by adults at least 21 years old. Excessive use of alcohol will result in ejection without refund.
  • Per Maine law smoking marijuana is permitted in your RV only. Public use will result in ejection from the campground.
  • Tobacco products may be used on your campsite or in one of the designated smoking areas that is located around the campground.
  • You must be responsible and place cigarette butts in one of the receptacles located at each of the designated smoking areas.
  • Smoking of any kind, including electronic cigarettes and “vaping,” is absolutely prohibited in all other areas, including all campground buildings, at public gatherings, and within the pool areas.
  • The legal age to smoke tobacco in Maine is 18.
  • All of our accommodations are NON-SMOKING. A minimum cleaning fee of $250 will be charged if we determine that smoking occurred inside a rental.
  • Can we go FISHING?

  • The Salmon Falls River is good for fishing. We are told that many small trout are caught.
  • Watch out for people tubing!
  • Purchase your Maine fishing license online at https://www5.informe.org/cgi-bin/online/moses2/index.pl
  • Milton Three Ponds feeds the river, and is just 5 miles up the road. Great fishing, boat rentals available.
  • How does the WATERSLIDE work?

  • There is no additional fee for our guests. All guests must wear the wristbands they received at check-in.
  • Parents of small children may ride with the child on their lap.
  • Parents can wait at the bottom to catch small children.
  • MID-SUMMER HOURS: Monday through Friday 12 to 7 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM.
  • Call the Office for off-season hours.
  • TUBING on the river

  • The most common river floating trip begins in the West between sites W90 and W91.
  • Please respect our guests camping along the river and do not cut through their sites.
  • NO lifeguards on duty! Use of the river is at your own risk.
  • Land on the other side of the river is private property. Please respect our neighbors and do not trespass.
  • Please help keep the river clean and do not litter.
  • The river is very low in some spots. Swinging, diving and jumping from trees and the bridge is NOT recommended.
  • SWIMMING in our pools

  • NO lifeguards on duty! Swim at your own risk.
  • Children under 14 years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent.
  • Infants in diapers must wear swimming diapers, available in our store.
  • No glass containers in the pool areas.
  • No smoking or vaping in the pool areas.
  • Running, jumping, diving and horseplay is prohibited.
  • Floats and noodles are not allowed in the pools.
  • No pets are allowed within the fenced pool areas.
  • Do you have HOT TUBS?

    Yes. We refer to them as our PARENT RELAXATION ZONES. Hot tubs have been provided at each pool area for the enjoyment of adults only. No children under the age of 18 years of age are allowed in these areas at any time. Everything else here at Flat Rock is open to kids, so give all of our moms & dads a break in a space just for them, and we thank you for keeping kids out of the hot tubs.

    Can we bring BICYCLES?

  • Absolutely. Bikes are a great way to get around the campground. No fee or registration required.
  • For the safety of all, no riding bikes after dark, and please keep speeds reasonable.
  • Please lock your bikes at your campsite when not in use.

  • COURTESIES – Please put cigarette butts in provided receptacles. We thank you for not littering. Please use campground roads and walkways and do not cut through campsites. Do not paint, nail into, or peel bark from trees.

    Management reserves the right to change rules as needed. Management has the legal right to eject without refund, anyone who does not comply with the campground rules, and/or is violating state law. (Title 30-A, Ch. 183, Sub-Ch. 3, Art. 4, SS.3837)